Jan Mareš, I am …

…an author of a recognized tool for linkbuilding and inbound marketing WhiteHat Komentator.

A go-to instrument that helps to build mentions and earn backlinks. I built that tool primarily for myself in order to streamline SEO processes. And others find it useful too. Awesome!

WhiteHat Komentátor

…a founder of a website Start-upy.cz that brings quality read about early-stage businesses and how to run them. Have something to say? Claim your guest post!


…a co-founder of SmoothieRecepty.cz – Czech first and oldest website about smoothies!

Co-founder SmoothieRecepty.cz

…a kickboxing champion. Professional record 1-0. So far so good.

Come train with us at TCB Gym!

Jan Mareš - kickbox

…a member of IMES organising committee.

Creating an international platform for sharing knowledge
in field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.


…a manager of a baseball team Skokani B.

Be ready when life throws you a curveball.

Skokani Olomouc B

Currently working on: The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship.

A study that should help entrepreneurs to deal with demands of starting a new business.

The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship