Jan Mareš, I am …

…an author of a recognized tool for linkbuilding and inbound marketing WhiteHat Komentator.

A go-to instrument that helps to build mentions and earn backlinks. I built that tool primarily for myself in order to streamline SEO processes. And others find it useful too. Awesome!

WhiteHat Komentátor

…a kickboxing champion.

Come train with us at TCB Gym!

Jan Mareš - kickbox

…a member of IMES organising committe.

Creating an international platform for sharing knowledge
in field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.


…a manager of a baseball team Skokani B.

Be ready when life throws you a curveball.

Skokani Olomouc B

Currently working on: The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship.

A study that should help entrepreneurs to deal with demands of starting a new business.

The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship